Pick & Pack Services

Move the sliders below to see how different volume parameters will affect your monthly costs for all pick and pack (handling) of your orders.

Average # Orders Per Month @ $1.99 / order


Average # Items Per Order @ $ .50 / item


**Custom Pricing available if your volume is higher than 6,000 orders per month. Please Contact Us Directly.

Product Storage

Move the slider below to see how number of pallets stored will affect your monthly costs for storage of your orders.

Average # Pallets of Product Stored in Warehouse @ $12.50 / pallet


Product Receiving

Move the slider below based on average per SKU/per pallet you will ship to us per month.

Average # Pallets of Product (per SKU) sent to our Warehouses @ $12.00 SKU/pallet received per month


Shipping Charges

Our shipping calculator coming soon...